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I was struck that days ago saw many and ever deeper into the street, subway, at uni, especially girls aged 18-23 with a somewhat peculiar leggings, less discreet, in many ways, and very colorful, and I clashed a bit because in these dates tend tone always, coldest, when combining clothes not as in summer which is all show-off, and the idea was cool I liked they dared to mix, pullovers, coats of hair, with slippers dark in most of them, then I asked one of my class, hears tell me where you are!, and told me and I, great I will put hands to work, I researched, instagram with the hashtag of legs and found them many fans , and not only in Spain, in so little time have destroyed in an incredible way. and I join to your book's fans.


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I leave you now with a nearest emerging brand, Made in Spain, Legx; a brand whose only product is the leggings and where you can find all kinds of unique prints. Adapt to our figure to perfection with push-up effect! My Favorites: the Neon model and the Deer model, Maria Fernandez Rubies also chooses to his training...

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CONSCIOUSRESTYLE.COM This is a time to stand out from the crowd by sourcing conscious clothing online from our international counterparts. This month the spotlight is on two great young brands, Legx in Spain and Greenlife Clothing in Italy. link